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Developments - StreamMaster


High performace board for remultiplexers, streamers and analyzers


The StreamMaster board can be configured as a 64-Channel IPTV/EPG Remultiplexer, a 64-Channel Remultiplexer with PCR corrector or a 64-Channel TS Analyzer. The 64-Channel IPTV Remultiplexer has been designed primarily for producing SPTS (Single Program Transport Stream) data streams for IPTV services, but its structure allows producing other kinds of data streams, e.g. MPTS streams, too. The input unit of the device is capable of receiving 64 IP or ASI data streams. The 64-Channel EPG Remultiplexer permits the users to compile the EPG data stream for their own streams according to their individual demands. The device can be programmed in a simple way (via UDP/IP), using DDToIPv2 instructions.

  • Single 3.3V power supply, low power consuption
  • Two 10/100/1000 Base-T (RJ45 and SFP) Ethernet interfaces for IP streams
  • 64 IP Transport Stream inputs and outputs (IPTV or RTP format, 1..7 x 188 or 204 bytes)
  • LVDS input for external (e.g. ASI) Transport Streams (up to 125 MByte/sec)
  • 128 MB onboard DDR2 SDRAM operating at 266 MHz
  • Easy to program via UDP/IP or Serial Communication Bus
  • Powered by Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA and Microchip PIC24HJ256GP210 uC
  • Supported protocols: ARP, IGMPv2, ICMP ping, UDP, RTP
  • Status LED port

Instruction Manuals

For Designers

For designers and device builders the full source code package of the remultiplexer is for sale (printed circuit board plans, microcontroller and FPGA source code).

If you feel at home in microcontroller and FPGA programming, and you want to create your own remultiplexer avoiding the difficulties of the PCB design, you can purchase only the printed circuit board sources of the StreamMaster (PCB source, gerber files, insert file).

Reference Devices

The StreamMaster can be found in several professional devices:

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