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Developments - ASI Remultiplexer

ASI Remultiplexer (ASIR)

ASI Remultiplexer

The ByteStudio's ASI Remultiplexer & Streamer is capable of simultaneously processing the data streams coming from 6 sources. The ASI Remultiplexer & Streamer uses 128-Mbit SDRAM as temporary storage for the data stream and 32-Mbyte flash memory for storing tables, set-top box software updates etc. to be inserted. No limitations exist in the PID filtering and PID Remapping. The statistical type PCR corrector in the output stage performs full error correction at all PID values. The ASI Remultiplexer & Streamer can be programmed through the Serial Data Interface using DDToIP instructions.

  • Single 3.3V power supply, low power consuption
  • 6 independent SPI (Synchronous Parallel Interface) Transport Stream inputs for external (ASI) streams (up to 216 Mbps/input)
  • Programmable Transport Stream output (120 Hz - 40.4 MHz, 188/204 bytes)
  • 128 Mbit SDRAM, 12 PSI Inserters
  • Statistical type PCR corrector for each PID value (500 ns)
  • Easy to program via serial data interface
  • Powered by two Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGAs and Microchip PIC18LF8722 microcontroller

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